Why Dental Hygienists in Canada Should Take Laser Training Courses
November 17, 2021 at 5:00 AM
dental hygienists Canada laser training

Dentistry has experienced tremendous technological advances over the last decade, specifically regarding using lasers in dental work.

Laser training for dental hygienists is becoming increasingly important.

But why should dental hygienists in Canada take laser training courses?

If you’re a dental hygienist, you know that it's important to give your patients the best experience possible. And with the many updates in dental hygiene technology, you should consider investing in a high-quality laser treatment course. These courses will ensure you have a solid understanding of laser safety, their interaction with soft tissue, the pros and cons of laser treatment and more.

Here at RDHU, we believe in providing our members with a evidence-based approach to laser treatment education. These are the main reasons why dental hygienists should take laser training courses.

It sets you apart from the competition

While dental hygienists are always in demand, most people want access to the very best dental offices possible. And by furthering your education, you will have a leg up on the competition. This new, innovative technology is something most dental practitioners want to utilize in their offices. However, not everyone has the training needed to use them. Solidify your chances and learn about laser technology to secure your career path.

Allows you to attract new clients

There’s nothing people hate more than going to the dentist. People will pay attention if you advertise that you provide dental treatment with minimal pain and a reduced chance of infection. Everyone wants the very best technology can offer, and if you showcase your skills as a trained dental hygienist with experience in laser treatment, you’re sure to gain new patients.

Increases patient retention

Very few people feel excited to go to the dentist. This aversion is because they usually correlate pain and high bills with the dentist's office. However, if you can provide an alternative treatment with less bleeding and quicker recovery time, your patients may change their tune. Not only will they want to return for a less invasive option, but they’ll also likely refer friends and family to you. In the long run, you can maintain your current clients and earn new ones by showcasing the many pros of dental laser treatment.

Improves overall satisfaction

It’s no secret that people want to impress their employer and create a lasting positive impression on clients. And dental hygienists with experience in laser treatment are more likely to satisfy the needs of their patients and the rest of the staff. Effective training will ensure you can support your teammates and create a safe space for your patients.

If you’re considering adding laser treatment to your resume, it’s well worth the investment. Dental hygienists across Canada have started implementing this technology into their dental offices to give their patients more options.

At RDHU, we provide our members with extensive support to ensure they have everything needed to perform laser treatment confidently. With our hands-on approach, we’re here to help.

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