What's Important Now?
September 19, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy
<strong><span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)">What&#x27;s Important Now?</span></strong>

We are all living in a time of busyness with so much going on in every different direction that it can feel overwhelming at times.

Many years ago I heard of a concept called W.I.N. It is a simple but powerful acronym for What's Important Now and was developed by a famous Notre Dame Football coach Lou Holtz. Holtz instructed his players to ask themselves this question "What’s Important Now?" at least 35 times a day. He wanted them to think about it when they woke up, while they were in class, study hall, the weight room, the practice field, standing on the sidelines during a game and while on the playing field at a game. Holtz wanted his players to be able to learn to focus on what mattered the most at any given time.

Since discovering this concept I have made it a part of my every day. It helps me to be present and focus on what is important at that particular time.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or you feel you aren't being present while at work and thinking about all the things to do and all the people you have to take care of at home, or vice versa, at home and thinking about all the things you have to do and should do for work, try this concept. It was a game changer for me.

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!