What to expect from online dental hygiene courses in Canada
September 12, 2021 at 4:00 AM
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Online courses and coaching are a great resource for continuing education and professional development for just about any career field, and it’s no different for dental hygienists. Since the documented shortage of dental hygienists in Canada over 15 years ago, the availability of online courses and learning resources for this profession has expanded tremendously. Many people considering this option may not know what to expect, though, and may not be fully aware of how exactly online courses can be beneficial for a dental hygienist.

Rdhu offers online dental hygiene courses in Canada to help you strengthen your capabilities in your practice, enhance your marketing, keep you up to date on important new developments in the field, and more. As dental hygienists ourselves, we know from experience how important these things are for thriving in your career, and our goal is to make them as available and accessible as possible to others in the field.

Read on for more of the specific benefits of online courses and resources like ours, some of the essential information you need to know about this learning format, and what sets us apart from other options you may be considering.

Benefits of online courses

Continuing education in general comes with a lot of benefits, besides keeping up with our regulatory requirements. As mentioned before, it’s a great way to stay on top of new developments, trends and information in your career field and industry, which enables you to stand out among other professionals like yourself. We’ve written more about this topic in particular on our blog before.

Taking advantage of online continuing education resources, though, makes these benefits accessible to many more people who may not have the time to attend in-person courses or seminars. A successful dental hygienist is likely to be busy much of the time working in and on their practice, after all! These options also make some of the additional benefits of continuing education like networking available to you on a schedule that works for you.

Essential information

So how exactly do online dental hygiene courses in Canada work, and what are some of the most important points you need to know about them? The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association covers many of these in their FAQ about online courses, but we’ll summarize some of those points for a quicker, basic understanding.

Dental hygienists need a certain number of professional development credits to renew their annual license/registration with the dental hygiene regulatory authority in their jurisdiction. Your local DHRA determines how many credits you’ll need and which courses are acceptable for those credits. Successfully completing each course will grant you a certificate of completion which may be submitted to the DHRA for recognition and credits toward license renewal and professional development.

Why rdhu?

Since its beginning in 2009, rdhu has continued to grow as a favored learning resource for over 16,000 members throughout Canada and the world. We’re the first hands-on professional development centre for dental hygienists, and our recognition of the importance of continuing education in this career field can be felt in everything we do.

From Quality Assurance activities to business development, we offer resources for dental hygienists, by dental hygienists, and through offerings like our online courses, we strive to make these resources available to you no matter where you are or what your schedule looks like. Read more about us or our courses and other services now!

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The process of continuing education shouldn’t just be one where you’re going through the motions or find nothing of value to your practice. At rdhu, it’s important to us that our online courses and other services keep you at the top of your field, as they have for thousands of other professionals already. Sign up for our online courses and join them now!