In-Person Learning at rdhu!
September 5, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy
<strong><span style="color:rgb(178, 150, 199)">In-Person Learning at <em>rdhu</em>!</span></strong>

Although we love online learning, nothing is more impactful than in-person programs at our beautiful facility!

Come and immerse yourself in a day or a weekend of learning new skills and networking with like-minded dental hygienists. Look at things a little differently and open your mind to new possibilities.

When we created rdhu almost 15 years ago, a major part of the offering was to bring dental hygienists together to share and learn from one another, in-person, in a small group setting. Our presenters are highly skilled and trained and we are confident that you will take away some gems that will really be life and practice changing.

rdhu is a safe space with no judgement. No matter what your skill level is, we can assure you, rdhu is for you.

In-person hands-on training is essential to grow as a dental professional.

For many years, when I owned my own dental instrument company, I would present at conferences and dental practices and would always hear how much dental hygienists appreciated the hands-on experience. We only know what we know and without a mentor, or a course that is offered beyond our dental hygiene school, we really are stagnating ourselves and robbing ourselves of an amazing opportunity for change and transformation. Not only for your patients and your practice but for ourselves as well.

To experience perhaps an easier way, or more effective and efficient way, or to look at something a little differently can be an ah-ha moment and often a life saving moment for our patients as well.

If you haven't attended hands-on training at rdhu, I hope this inspires you to Think Outside the Tray and expand your skillset. I often see in the Facebook groups, that some only look for the "free" CE online. That isn't what being a professional is about. We encourage you to invest in yourself!

Lifelong learning is about actively seeking knowledge, skills, and experiences. It is a pursuit of learning far beyond our formal education or checking off the boxes for our Quality Assurance requirements.

From Myofunctional Therapy, to Oral Cancer Screening, Instrumentation and Orthodontics for the dental hygienists, we have dental hygienists coming from different provinces based on their Scope of Practice. Click here to access the hands-on courses that are coming up!

I encourage you to participate in a hands-on training program and leave rdhu with new found confidence all the while enhancing your practice!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!