Kathleen's Blog - November 3, 2020
November 3, 2020 at 5:00 AM
<strong><span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)">Kathleen&#x27;s Blog - November 3, 2020</span></strong>

I watched a fabulous movie last night called 'The Octopus Teacher'.

The timing for the launch of this movie, that was 10 years in production, was perfect. As it is about a man, who was suffering from exhaustion and burnout, embarks on a journey to regain purpose by developing a relationship with an octopus in the Great African Sea Forest. He ends up discovering more about himself while understanding the life of an octopus.

From the narrator, “A lot of people say that an octopus is like an alien. But the strange thing is, as you get closer to them, you realize you’re very similar in a lot of ways. You’re stepping into this completely different world, such an incredible feeling, and you feel as though you’re on the brink of something extraordinary.”

Many lessons are learned in this documentary as it is resonating with people all over the globe during a tumultuous year. Depending on where you are in your own life, you too will get something different out of it.

Resilience and adaptability were two key factors that I was left thinking about after watching this documentary.

It was incredible to me how the octopus was able to survive many predators. She would shield herself, with shells, to protect herself and she would camouflage to fit into an environment.

It reminded me of a dental hygienist during this time, while practicing and living through a global pandemic.

The octopus was extremely resilient as it had the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

It was adaptable, as it showed the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.

Much like the octopus, dental hygienists needed to be resilient and adapt to our new environment in order to continue doing what we do, as an essential healthcare worker.

I think we will be very proud of ourselves when we reflect back on 2020. We discovered new traits and an inner-strength that many didn't know they had.

We exhibit resilience and adaptability every day when we show up to practice.

It's not easy, and remember, I get to speak with many dental hygienists every day so I am fortunate to hear how a lot of people are feeling. It has been scary. It has been hard. Yet we have adapted and continue to adapt.

We show the tenacity and our inner-strength as we face each day.

I hope you look up the documentary and watch it. It is truly a beautiful look into a new world.

No matter what message resonates with you — whether it is about the environment, animal intelligence or relationships, many are saying that the film is a welcome escape from the challenges of 2020 and shows that anything is possible!

Thank you for reading. We have a lot of great things coming up that I hope you will take part in. Please find information below.

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