Kathleen's Blog - December 15, 2020
December 15, 2020 at 5:00 AM
<strong><span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)">Kathleen&#x27;s Blog - December 15, 2020</span></strong>

How are things going for you in your practice?

Have you met with your team to look at 2021 and set some SMART Goals?

I know many of you aren't back to 'business as usual' with cutting down on hours, etc. Setting goals with your team will help you reconnect and give you some ideas which will give you strength to help you grow in the New Year.

Here at rdhu we are in the making for our 2021 plans!

We wanted to share a sneak peek at what we are up to:

1. A major focus on in-office Laser Courses (where our trainer will come to your practice (for our Ontario members). We feel strongly about implementing such an important adjunctive therapy into your practice to help get your clients healthy; especially during these difficult times.

2. rdhq (our topics and presenters are all lined up for 2021!) More info to follow!

3. *New! Goal Bundles: these packages will focus on one topic to help those with layering of activities. Purchase a bundle and receive all of the topic-related courses! For those volunteering with a Gift From the Heart, contact GFTH to receive a special Promo Code to receive the savings. PLUS a percentage of all bundle purchases will go toward Gift From the Heart to help support their non-for-profit charity! We are in the process of uploading these into our online boutique and portal. Check for updates!

4. The RDH View: We will be hosting one show every month (besides July and August)! We have some great guests lined up. This is an opportunity to not only receive one hour of FREE CE but to also stay connected and engaged with some pretty awesome guests and presenters. This is rdhu's gift to you as we are fortunate to have sponsors for some of the shows but for others, our presenters and guests donate their time and rdhu donates the behind-the-scenes back-end programs and admin time.

5. We are continuing on our path of offering online streaming with hands-on application since rdhu's motto is "Tell me, I will forget, Show me, I may remember, Include me and I will learn and truly understand". This year has been a difficult year as we haven't been 'business as usual' either, but still want to provide hands-on application as best as possible. So we will continue to provide our courses like: Sharpen Your Skills: A hands-on sharpening workshop and Ultrasonic Implementation ~ just to name a couple!

We want to help you stay On-Track and be the Easy Button for all things Quality Assurance (Continuous Quality Improvement Activities)!

To help with planning for 2021:

If you have your own personal portal (rdhq subscribers), we upload 3 hours every quarter into your portal PLUS The RDH View. This is where your video-based learning, quizzes and certificates are stored. Watch one The RDH View show and do one course per month and you will not fall behind! (Learning portfolio members....we provide hours of extra resources with these as well).

So, if you schedule 2 hours a month for CQI Activities and every quarter block off a few hours to add your extra layering of learning, this is a formula for you to not only stay On-Track but also, feel connected, engaged and just feel good altogether knowing you are growing as a professional and staying up to date and ...On-Track!

To summarize:

1. Visit your personal portal: members.rdhu.ca (All rdhq members have one)

2. Schedule The RDH View dates in your calendar (one hour every month). Here is the link to the website. The dates are currently being uploaded. Mark this in 'your favourites' so you can check in as we update.

3. Schedule to watch one hour every month.

4. Schedule a 3 hour block every quarter to review your QA goals and do a check-in!

We all want easy and quick access to our favourite websites! Here is a video on our YouTube Channel on how to mark a website in your favourites for easy access :)

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead. Please take a look at below for what is coming up!

Kindest regards,