Kathleen's Blog - April 27, 2021
April 27, 2021 at 4:00 AM
<strong><span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)">Kathleen&#x27;s Blog - April 27, 2021</span></strong>

We are really excited for the new courses that have been added to our online boutique!

Beth and I had a great meeting this morning with Dr. Mandeep Johal who is presenting next month with us on Tongue-Ties, Myofunctional Therapy, Ortho, airway etc. (and bringing Joe Seigfried on as a special guest for Part 2). Dr. Johal wanted to share her slides with us as we always like to make sure that the courses we offer are suited for our members. We recorded a short clip of the meeting today because we were getting pretty excited about the information she will be sharing. Here's a sneak peek into our meeting this morning.

The Brain Health program that Anne O Rice is presenting next week is something that will impact both your personal and professional life. I have asked Anne to hop online with me tomorrow so that we can discuss her upcoming course. We will share this with you on our Facebook and YouTube channel :)

We receive emails from many who cannot make it live on courses with us. We do our best to offer these courses later at night, on weekends and have members from across the US and Canada (and even other countries across the sea!). It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes with the scheduling and availability of our portal, facilitators and most importantly, our presenters. Please know that some of our courses are offered live rather than as a recorded on-demand course; which means, we will have the presenter back with us to present 'live'. However, that said, our 'live' courses we record and keep available as a recording for 30 days following. Once you register you can email info@rdhu.ca and let us know that you need the recording.

We always appreciate your feedback! Please continue to share as it helps us continue to grow and be there for and with you!

Thank you for reading and your continued support.

Have a great week ahead. Please take a look below for what is coming up!

Kindest regards,