rdhu Blog - December 13, 2022
December 13, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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This week's Blog is from Liisa Moore, our Ortho Presenter and QA Coach! Liisa is also a Canfitpro Instructor who focuses on health and fitness.

December is here, where did 2022 go? Just because the holiday season is here does not mean all the stress that comes with it has to arrive too. Talking with Kathleen inspired me yet again to put my fingers to the keyboard and share my tips for a happy, healthy, and stress-free holiday.

Now, we are all busy and we know that this often means; poor choices for food, no time for exercise, late nights, and early mornings. All of this puts us at greater risk for illness. No one wants to be sick, especially around the holidays. I am hoping the following tips for gift giving ideas can help you with either your own health and wellness (who says you can’t give yourself a gift) or someone in your circle of family and friends. So, before you reach for that bottle of wine or box of chocolates, why not consider trying one of the following?

For the host/hostess of the holiday party:

Offer to bring a healthy option. Veggies and dip are always a hit. You can get creative here by making your own hummus, or arranging the veggies in the shape of a Christmas tree. You could even google a recipe for an easy to transport winter salad. Homemade soup is also easy to prepare. Butter nut squash or roasted red pepper are the perfect starter course for any holiday meal. Another bonus of soup is that it can be prepared ahead of time and frozen until party day. Simply bring it in a container and heat it up at the event. No time to make it yourself? Order a pre-made fruit bouquet for a little something sweet after the meal. Are you in charge of beverages? No problem, bring ingredients for a “mocktail.” How about some sparkling water and cranberry juice? The nice part about this is that those who choose to can easily add a little shot of “Christmas cheer” if they want, but those who are looking to abstain from alcohol can still enjoy.

Friend/family member/neighbour:

Let’s start off with the obvious here; being dental hygienists, why not give the gift of an electric toothbrush or water flosser? How about a gift certificate for a whitening done by a local dentist or dental hygienist? Or perhaps you have a friend that has been considering orthodontic treatment? Contact your local orthodontist office and offer to pay the consultation fee for them so they can explore treatment options. Outside the realm of dental hygiene there are a lot of other great gifts that can promote health and wellness. Research local yoga studios, fitness centers, or pools in your area as they often offer gift certificates or punch cards for classes. While you are there, get one for yourself! You are more likely to hold yourself accountable when you have a friend with you. Don’t feel like leaving your house? No problem! There are a ton of online fitness, meditation, and yoga apps that you can do right from your own home and most come with a free trial. Sign yourself and a friend up and commit to logging in together. No time to meal prep? Meal subscription boxes have come a long way and these are a great gift idea for the busy family.


As a mom of younger kids, I can speak from experience that they do not need any more chocolate or toys. Try one of these instead. I love when my kids get “experiences” rather than things. How about gift certificates to the local indoor playground or trampoline park. Get outdoors and enjoy passes to the cross-country ski trails or downhill if that’s what they are into. A low-cost option would be to print the schedule for the local arenas for public skating dates and offer to take them (double gift here kids and parents). Boardgames, puzzles, and books are also great options.

Support local:

I try to buy from local shops as much as I can. I love the quality and customer service you get from local retailers.

  • House plant: My guilty pleasure is browsing our local greenhouses. I love houseplants, especially in the winter as they green up the house and also act as air purifiers.
  • Coffee: visit your favourite local coffee shop and purchase some high-quality coffee beans or tea.
  • Cleaning service: Ask for recommendations in your neighbourhood online group and find someone close to you. How about talking to a local garage and see if they do car detailing?
  • Local soap: Search online marketplace for someone that makes their own soaps. Create a gift basket with soaps and bath bombs. Some even make their own personal care products like face creams, sunscreen, lip balms, and deodorants.
  • Custom health basket: Check out your local health food store and if you aren’t familiar with vitamins and supplements, ask a staff member to help you put together a basket to help with immune support, skin care, or general wellness.
  • Self-care: Not enough people take time for self-care. Gift certificates for massage, physiotherapy or a chiropractor are great options.
  • 2nd hand stores: Aside from being sustainable, 2nd hand stores are usually locally owned and operated. I have a wonderful locally owned used bookstore where I live. Try to find one in your area and get a gift certificate. You get more bang for your buck as new books can be expensive. Consignment shops are also great. You can get name brand clothes for bargain prices. Make a date of it and go together. You never know what treasures you will find!

I hope this inspires you to give a healthy option this holiday season and that by reading these tips some gift giving stress has been relieved. Be sure to take time for yourself so that you and everyone around you stays healthy.

Merry Christmas to all and wishing you health and happiness in 2023! From Liisa Moore!

Have a great week ahead! Please take a look below for what is coming up so you can start planning your 2023!

Thank you for reading! Have a great week ahead! Please take a look below for what is coming up!

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