Kathleen's Blog - October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020 at 4:00 AM
<strong><span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)">Kathleen&#x27;s Blog - October 27, 2020</span></strong>

One of the key components of the Dental Hygiene Experience begins with the 'Before' Unit.

Have you ever thought about what the client experiences 'before' they come to your practice?

We often overlook this as a separate event while truly, this is an important part and foundational to building a positive overall experience. One that will have your client/patient wow'd when they leave and talking about it to others. One that sets the stage and helps manage expectations and create positive outcomes.

During this unprecedented time especially, where emotions are high and people are nervous, we need to connect with our clients to not only make them feel safe and prepared for their appointment but also we need to set the stage so that they feel good when they leave the appointment. We don't want them leaving feeling dissatisfied.

For instance, I have heard many dental hygienists who are working in a practice where their office is not communicating with their clients before the appointment and the client leaves with a negative feeling. An example would be, if you have adjusted your practice to eliminate Aerosol Generating Procedures (ie polishing), let them know before they arrive and why you are taking this path!

Here are a few things you can think of:

How are you communicating with your clients before their appointment? Are you sending them thorough emails as to what to expect at their appointment? Are you sending them a 'What to Expect' video?

For instance....

A video to walk through the changes that have been made to keep them and your team safe.

  • Your pre-screening protocol and screening protocol.
  • The waiting (in car).
  • How will they be greeted.
  • Pics of the team with and without PPE.
  • The pre-procedural rinse.
  • The use of Laser Bacterial Reduction to aid in reducing the bacterial load prior to the debridement and the reasons why.
  • If you are not using ultrasonics and if you are (perhaps the new equipment to help minimize aerosols).
  • Your air purifier.
  • Room enclosures.
  • The paperwork and check out procedure.
  • Etc.

Go through an exercise with your team and discuss what you can do together to create a Before Experience to help set positive expectations and outcomes.

Go through the experience through your client's eyes.

As if.

As if you are the client.

Thank you for reading. Please find below information on what is coming up!

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