Kathleen's Blog - November 9, 2021
November 9, 2021 at 5:00 AM
<strong><span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)">Kathleen&#x27;s Blog - November 9, 2021</span></strong>

Beth Parkes and myself are just back from a very dental hygiene road trip!

We went to Ottawa on Thursday (a 5-hour drive from my home and Beth flew as it is that much farther for her!). We presented, for the first time in person since PDC 2020, with Patterson Dental ~ Time for a Reset! Friday, we had The RDH View with Dr. Hassanpour, we then went on a webinar to receive some training from Crest & Oral B on their new toothpaste DENSIFY and then met with Oral Science RDH Rep, Pam Bedour later that day. We spent Saturday at the Sinclair Branch and Beth did the Laser Training Certification program for a group of dental hygienists. Sunday we did an in-office Laser Training for an office who couldn't attend on the Saturday and then went for a visit with the Peers from Dental Peers Group and headed home on Monday.

It was a jammed packed four days. Very rich with social interaction and sharing stories all things dental related! It was absolutely amazing and much needed after almost 2 years of being virtual.

Every person who works with one of the companies were so extremely helpful and excited for their first live event as well.

All the attendees left feeling excited and engaged about their profession.

This was good for all of our souls. It truly was a Time for a Reset kind of trip!

It is so important for us to network with other dental hygienists and industry leaders to learn and share stories. We can get so much out of any course or lecture; however, there is so much more that we learn from one another outside of that particular course or event.

I am excited for more. It is starting to feel a little more normal.

If you would ever like an event like this in your area, just reach out to us! This is how this Ottawa weekend all started!

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead. Please take a look below for what is coming up!

Kindest regards,


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President of rdhu