Kathleen's Blog - May 17, 2022
May 17, 2022 at 4:00 AM
<strong><span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)">Kathleen&#x27;s Blog - May 17, 2022</span></strong>

Beth and I spent 3 days in an intensive virtual Business Master Class last week. We selected a lovely location of Niagara-on-the-lake so when we were able to get out for some fresh air, we were surrounded by blossoming trees and spring flowers!

I always believe in investing in yourself and in your practice with your team as it will offer you rewards beyond anything you would ever expect.

I love learning and looking for ways to share strategies that come to mind with our members. Whether you are an entrepreneur and own your own practice or an intrepreneur, where you are working in a practice, but treat and care for it like your own, you can share these with your team!

We do have other members who are on this email group who work in the industry and not in a clinical setting. These blogs pertain to all of us! It's all about people.

Let's start with how we view our practice!

Are you in the dental business, Pearl? If you are thinking, yes, I am in the dental profession, perhaps you start with one small shift to thinking, I am in the people business! At the end of the day, no matter what business we are in, it all comes down to the people we serve!

Dental practices often struggle to attract new clients or patients to their practice. One of the areas you can really focus on is with your existing clientele. What can you do to attract some of these clients to either come back to see you, if they haven't been to see you in a while, or follow-up with those who have yet to return for recommended treatment or maintenance appointments. We all have these clients who are sitting there waiting for you to reach out and remind them that they need to come in and see you! If you already have a process in place, kudos to you! But if you don't, perhaps run a list to discover:

- Who is your top 20% of clientele? These are typically the clients who bring in 80% of your revenue.

- Who hasn't been in since the pandemic? Perhaps send them a note, We miss you! Or an email. You can create a mass email and send through your system and make it look like it is one person from your practice emailing them. It would be great if it was from the DDS or you, the dental hygienist. Here's an example:

Hi ~Name~,

Have you switched dental practices?

Your name

This strategy works really well. It is simple and will have a high response rate. It isn't a lengthy email about all reasons why they need to come and see you. It is like you are having a conversation with them. Just like you would speak with them if you saw them in a coffee shop.

I will continue on with some gems that might help you in your practice next week. Until then, thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!

Please take a look below for what is coming up!

We appreciate your support.

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Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President of rdhu