Kathleen's Blog - April 14, 2020
April 14, 2020 at 4:00 AM
by rdhu
<span style="color:rgba(178, 150, 199, 1)"><strong>Kathleen&#x27;s Blog - April 14, 2020</strong></span>

I hope you had an enjoyable long weekend of celebration! I know it will be an Easter/Passover holiday that we will never forget!

I know many of us feel like most days just blend into the next. It has been 6 weeks today since I have been home in isolation and honestly, if it wasn't for my weekday routine, I would still feel this way.

All of us here at rdhu make a point to make sure that our Saturdays and Sundays are different from our Monday to Friday. Monday to Friday I have my morning routine of taking a brisk walk around my neighbourhood, followed by a 20 min work-out, journal, etc. and then ready to start work by 9:30am. Saturday and Sunday's I take it easy and read and hang with my family during the day. I have also picked up playing the piano again (It's been over 30 years!).

For many of you, your routine has been totally thrown off and I am sure by now you have set in to your own schedule as well.

I want to encourage you that even though you may not be working, you can still do things for your practice during the weekdays. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd! What is your life going to look like when everyone is heading back to work? What can you do to help grow your practice, and nourish your relationship with your clients to ensure that they are going to be coming back to you when it's time? What can you do to shine to your employer? Out of sight out of mind, isn't going to be good for post-C-19 days.

Now is also the time to grow as a professional. Take this opportunity to take as much CE as you can and grow your mind, so that you can maintain an abundance mindset and grow your practice. It will give you hope and purpose as well.

On Monday, April 20th at 2pm, I am going to hold a Free live webinar that you are welcome to join.

I encourage you to share this with your DDS and Office Managers, etc. If you are Independent, I encourage to invite your team! Please share this link and register: www.rdhu.ca/covidplan

We have a lot of exciting events and courses coming up! We have also received some really great 'testimonials' from some of our members who have participated in the online live streaming courses and share them below.

We are bringing rdhu to your living room in as many ways as possible. And remember, the rdhu experience isn't just about that one particular course. We layer it with an Activity Page and lots of extra resources!

Please stay safe and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,