Kathleen's Blog - February 22, 2022
February 22, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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We hope you had a great Family Day Long Weekend! It was nice to unwind, play some games and chill with my family!

The last couple of On-Track Tuesday emails we shared some strategies on how one can bring more value to a practice and essentially, become indispensable in the dental practice. This in turn, can put you in a position where you feel you are heard and can make change happen in your favour (including financially!).

So, to continue on and to finish off this topic, let's take a look at a few other things we can self-assess to ensure we are bringing our value.

Just a quick summary and re-cap (self-assess): If you missed reading the last couple On-Track Tuesdays (OTT), or if you are new to rdhu, please feel free to email and we can forward these to you.

1. Are you proactively bringing solutions? (Feb. 8 OTT)

Are you a problem solver or a problem bringer? We shared a couple of suggestions and resources.

2. Are you speaking up? Could you contribute more? (Feb 15 OTT)

A positive mindset and attitude will get you far. Don't convince. Compel. Believe in yourself and fight for your ideas and suggestions. Play full out!

3. Volunteer more. Are you volunteering?

Could you step up and lead a program? Could you be the one who researches and finds solutions?

And to continue on this week for the conclusion of this topic...

4. Take Ownership. If you have stepped up and are leading a program or doing your research and planning on implementing a system or program in your practice, be sure to keep everyone updated on the status of where you are. Whether it be good or bad, share your findings so that no one has to wonder, second guess or follow-up with you. Be the one to share the status. Shine bright like a diamond!

5. Deliver excellence in all that you do. Don't compromise. Not for one client, one day or one week. Deliver excellence in all you do. You will feel the confidence (and your team will notice) in all you do!

6. Have an ambitious positive mindset. A can-do attitude. Be an engine not an anchor and come with all the reasons this will work! Stand tall, take a deep breath in, smile and exhale. It can literally change your mindset and mood in seconds.

I would like to share an email that I received from a member regarding February 8th On-Track Tuesday! (Re. Are you proactively bringing solutions?)

I enjoyed reading your emails the last couple weeks about bringing value to your practice.

A way this has been explained to me in the past, about bringing value as an employee, has been to have a net-positive contribution.

Meaning that everything the employee contributes is greater than everything the organization invests in them.

One of the ways I’ve been taught to assess this is by comparing my talent vs trouble.

Talent = all the contributions I make, the way I make others and the practice better and the resources I bring to the practice.

Trouble = all the trouble I cause, the investment I require, compensation and resources I use.

Everyone has talent and trouble, and the trick is over the course of one's career, to have more talent than trouble!

I've found over the years that self-assessing my talent and trouble has led me to deeper engagement at work and meaningful work. I hope others will find the same after reading and reflecting on your recent On Track emails :)

Thanks for all you do, Kathleen!

Kristy Winslow, RDH

Thank you for sharing these pearls of wisdom, Kristy!

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead. Please take a look below for what is coming up! Check out the new Career Opportunity Section toward the bottom!

Kindest regards,