Enhance your services with dental hygiene laser training
December 4, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Have you ever considered enhancing your dental hygienist services by continuing your education? We offer professional training and development courses in soft-tissue diode laser certification. Our on-site and online courses, webinars, coaching, and dental hygiene laser training and certification give you hands-on experience in painlessly treating patients multiple dental issues.

What are the benefits of dental hygiene laser training?

Oral care is important for health and appearance. Our laser training offers in-person and online opportunities to learn about laser treatments for tooth decay, gum disease, teeth whitening, and biopsy of lesion disease.

Diode laser treatment is becoming more demanding in dental care, and many dentists are specializing in it. While there are multiple forms of laser treatment, diode lasers are most frequently used for soft tissue dental treatments. There are many advantages to completing dental hygiene laser training as more and more patients choose this form of treatment.

Laser treatment will not harm dental hard tissue, dental implants, gums, or dental pulp. This treatment uses highly concentrated laser beams to effectively perform oral surgeries, which keeps bleeding at a minimum with reduced swelling.

There is no need for anesthesia with laser treatment, although most patients may prefer some form of local anesthesia. Anxious patients won’t have to worry about high levels of pain. Many people are treated with a soft-tissue diode laser to reduce pain and swelling. It is safe for patients and produces results in a short amount of time compared to other treatments.

Laser treatment has high success rates among patients and is an improved treatment option for various dental problems such as teething, tooth removal, dental implants, and fillings. This treatment option minimizes the chance of infection by sterilizing the area (killing the bacteria) where the laser beam is applied.

Why choose rdhu?

With 11 years of experience in providing training to dental hygienists from across the country, we continue to provide innovative ways of learning at the beautiful boutique educational facility in Burlington, Ontario and online.

Our services are created by dental hygienists for dental hygienists. Around the globe, we have over 16,000 members and are proud to be the first hands-on professional development centre for dental hygienists.

While we offer a variety of courses to help with technical advancement, Quality Assurance requirements, and business development/marketing, our soft-tissue diode laser training helps increase confidence and skill set in the field of dentistry for hundreds of dental hygienists. We provide online training and additional hands-on experiences in our laser certification process.

Our courses

You can count on rdhu to help you grow in your profession through our professional development courses. We offer a wide range of online courses designed to help you learn new skills or improve your existing skills.

We offer online soft tissue diode laser training and certification. Our online training course is 7.5 hours. You'll learn an overview of specific laser procedures and how to determine the right laser selection for various treatments.

Our certification course is a 2-part, CRDHA-approved online and hands-on experience designed for dental hygienists who want a adeeper understanding in thedjunctive roles of lasers in supportive, non-surgical periodontal therapy.

As a member of rdhu, you’ll receive 12 hours of Continuing Education per year. Three of those hours are video-based learning that combines science, evidence-based research, and best practices for dental hygienists. Our on-site courses are led by engaging leaders in the dental industry. You’ll learn new innovative products with the opportunity to receive samples.

Considering furthering your dental hygiene certifications and training? Our high-quality courses led by qualified and highly-skilled leaders in the dental industry will help you build confidence and trust in your practice. Check out our next laser certification dates at rdhu! We are available to chat anytime for any questions you may have.