rdhu’s guide: What dental laser training courses do you need?
May 31, 2022 at 7:00 AM
An image of laser technology.

For dental professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise, acquainting yourself with the latest innovations is crucial, like dental laser procedures and technology. However, knowing what dental laser training courses you need isn’t easy. Fortunately, at rdhu, we are the leading dental professional education resource throughout Canada and across the globe. With over 16,000 members worldwide, we proudly provide the first hands-on professional development service through innovative and interactive education solutions.

Here are the dental laser training courses you need:

An introduction to lasers

One of the first dental laser training courses you have to take in Canada is a laser certification course.

Ensure the course you take is accepted. Otherwise, you risk having to retake it from an accredited and approved provider. In Canada, Laser certification in the provinces that allow it within dental hygiene practice, require a course that is a combination of theory and hands-on learning.

During this course, you receive practical, hands-on training on operating a laser in a dental office environment.

This part of the course provides an opportunity to apply what you learned in the introduction to laser courses in a real-world environment using actual laser equipment. The course content also cover basic scientific principles and clinical applications of laser procedures.

This supplies students with knowledge and experience needed to pass the standard certification exam.

The laser certification course involves clinical training, and a certification exam. Ultimately, by the end of the course, you should gain a foundational understanding of:

  • How lasers work and impact human tissue
  • How to calibrate laser properties to achieve desired results
  • Safety procedures when using dental laser equipment
  • The principles of light and laser technology
  • How lasers interact with human tissue
  • How to safely operate lasers in clinical environments

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