Can Dental Hygienists Use Lasers in Ontario?
February 7, 2022 at 11:00 PM
Image of a dental office answering the question can dental hygienists use lasers in Ontario.

Attracting new patients to a dental practice is highly competitive. One of the best ways to stand out in your market is by offering the latest technology and procedures for exceptional client care and comfort. Many prospective clients ask for laser treatments without fully understanding the range of benefits that lasers provide. When you’re considering incorporating laser treatments into your practice, you might wonder, can dental hygienists use lasers in Ontario? Find out more about what’s required to operate lasers for oral health treatments.

What can dental hygienists use lasers for in their practice?

After getting certified, dental hygienists can use lasers for all practical applications. Hygienists can provide patients with better outcomes for everything from oral lesions to whitening. The use of lasers can reduce inflammation, bleeding, and recovery times for all kinds of dental procedures.

Dental lasers are an innovative technology that have become commonplace in practices striving to compete in their market. Ontario dental hygienists can use lasers to provide their clients with innovative procedures.

What professional requirements do you have to meet?

Ongoing professional development is essential for dental hygienists who want to operate at the forefront of their industry and attract a growing patient base. When you get continuing education from an organization passionate about dentistry, you also get the opportunity to fall back in love with your profession.

Dental hygienists’ only professional requirement to use lasers in Ontario is completing a certification course. Most courses take just a month, with training that is easy to schedule around work.

Is laser training worth it for dental hygienists?

Laser treatments keep dental practices competitive in their market. When hygienists are certified to use lasers, you expand the procedures you can offer to your clients. Transitioning to lasers also increases the level of care and comfort you deliver for the operations you already offer.

Laser training is worth it for dental hygienists' practices and ongoing professional development.

What’s involved with laser certification for dental hygienists?

RDHU offers frequent soft tissue diode laser certification courses for continuing education. Our member hygienists can offer their patients the full range of benefits of lasers for oral health. Certification involves both theory and practical hands-on training, spread over four days. The first three are 2-hour sessions that take place virtually. The fourth session is hands-on training at our boutique training center in Burlington.

Our instructors ensure hygienists understand the physics behind lasers, so they’re able to choose the most effective application of laser technology for every treatment. Lasers provide patients with the ultimate in care and comfort for:

  • Non-surgical periodontal therapy
  • Bacterial reduction
  • Treatment of oral lesions
  • Whitening
  • Desensitization

Get a comprehensive understanding of how laser technology works and its practical applications during our certification course.

RDHU members who take the soft tissue diode certification all receive:

  • Thorough handouts covering the course materials for personal study and reference
  • Laser safety guidelines, set-up instructions, and operational settings
  • Documentation requirements for laser use
  • Layered learning and opportunities for continued growth

We empower students in every course to continue incorporating the latest professional developments into their practice.

RDHU provides continuing education in Ontario for dental hygienists who want to use lasers and advance their skill set.

Dental hygienists created RDHU to provide their colleagues with continuing education in a boutique educational facility in Burlington, Ontario, and across the nation via virtual learning. Since 2009 we’ve grown to over 16,000 members and are now a leader in Canada for professional development for dental hygienists. RDHU strives to be the premier resource for hygienists, whether you’re interested in professional development, networking, or staying current with quality assurance requirements. Increase your confidence, renew your love of the profession, and advance your skills by joining thousands of hygienists across Ontario and Canada.

When you sign up for a subscription, you can explore our on-demand and livestream continuing education courses, including learning to use lasers as an Ontario dental hygienist.