5 benefits of taking CDHA CE courses online
December 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 benefits of taking CDHA CE courses online

Getting your CE hours is a crucial part of ensuring that you can renew your license when the time comes. With your busy schedule and everything else going on in your life, it can be expensive and inconvenient to attend a weekend conference. Fortunately, you can take CDHA CE courses online. At rdhu, we believe there are several benefits to taking online CE courses. Read our short list below if you’d like to find out more.

Easy to use

Navigating CEs isn’t always easy. Sometimes you’re given a packet to read through. Other times you’ll attend a seminar that doesn’t cover the material in a way that makes sense. With online CEs, you can use several forms of media to ensure that the subject matter makes sense. You can work through videos, diagrams, practice quizzes, and comprehension tests at your own pace without worrying about what’s happening around you or what others are doing. Navigation is meant to be intuitive, so you take in the information the best way for you.


Your schedule might not always fit if you’re planning to attend a conference or log into a live webinar. Things in life come up at the last minute, or you have other obligations to attend to. Online CE courses make it much easier to work around your schedule, so you don’t have to lose money on a conference you paid for months in advance when a family member needs you. You can choose when to go through the course at a time that fits your schedule.


It’s not always easy or convenient to travel two hours away and stay overnight in a hotel when attending a conference. The costs often go beyond admission to the event and include food, lodging, travel, and even someone to watch your kids or pet. CDHA CE courses online take away all of the inconvenient parts of taking the classes you need and make it much more manageable.

Saves money

As we mentioned before, taking CE courses online is much more affordable than attending a special event. In addition to avoiding travel and lodging costs, you’ll find that online classes cost less because the entity that hosts them doesn’t have to pay for space to host classes. They’ll save money by not spending nearly as much on rent, electricity, water, and other bills, which means that these savings will often get passed on to you. Reading course material online or watching videos are much more cost-effective for CE classes than hosting everyone together at one time.

More availability

It’s not uncommon for professionals to take CE courses that don’t particularly care for or apply to their practice because they’re geographically convenient. While this will fulfill the requirement to renew your license, it goes against the spirit of the law. It’s essential that you take CDHA CE courses that apply directly to your practice. Online courses make them much more easily accessible to everyone across the country as you don’t have to worry about booking an expensive trip to go somewhere that offers what you’re looking for. You can take the courses you want from the comfort of your own home.

Sign up for classes

Get started with your CDHA CE courses online today by booking with rdhu. We’re proud to offer CE courses for dental hygienists that are designed to fit your busy schedule. Please get in touch with our staff if you have any questions about online CE courses and how to enroll. You can give us a call at 289-337-5277 or toll-free at 1-855-295-7348. If you prefer, send a message using our online contact form with your inquiry.